Helically Submerged Arc
Welded (HSAW) (Spiral)
High Frequency Welded
Manufactured in Little Rock (Arkansas), USA Little Rock (Arkansas), USA Little Rock (Arkansas), USA
Total Installed Capacity 350,000 MTPA 175,000 MTPA 9.10 million sqm PA
Size Range

Diameter: 24—60 inches
Wall thickness: 8 mm - 25.4 mm
   (0.315 inch – 1 inch)
Length: Up to 24 meters

Diameter: 10 —20 inches
Wall thickness: 4mm - 12.7 mm
   (0.157 – 0.500 inch)
Length: Up to 24 meters

External coating; pipe diameter:
   4—60 inches
Internal coating; pipe diameter:
   24—60 inches
Pipe length: Up to 24 meters

Specifications and
Material Grades
/ Pipe Coating Systems

API 5L up to Grade X-80, API
As per all other international
   standards and customized

API 5L up to Grade X-70,
   PSL 2
As per all other international
   standards and customized

External Single & Dual Layer
   Fusion Bonded Epoxy
Internal Solvent Based And
   Solvent Free Flowing Lining

Value Chain

Welspun’s end to end supply chain expertise provides a risk-free solution to the customer through

Global Sourcing of Raw materials Anti-corrosion and anti-abrasive coating
Highest productivity Line Pipe Manufacturing Last-mile logistics and supply
  • Global sourcing capabilities
  • Deep relationship with key
    North American HRC producers
Pipe Manufacturing
  • Produces HSAW / HFIW pipes
  • Over 8,000 miles of pipes produced
  • Coating facilities to coat every
    joint of pipe produced
  • Capabilities to provide internal
    & external coatings
End Logistics
  • Robust supply chain comprising
    ports, rail, roads etc.
  • End to end logistics, capturing the
    last mile delivery till the pipe yard

The Oil & Gas industry value chain

Welspun is a world-class line pipe solutions manufacturer to serve the entire value chain of oil and gas transmission
– Gathering lines from the wellheads to trunk lines for long-distance transportation

Upstream Oil and Gas
  • Exploration
  • Field Development
  • Production Operations
  • Transportation
  • Processing
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Refining and Petro-Chemicals
  • Wholesale and Marketing