Manufacturing Process
Specifications :
Location Plant Dahej , Gujarat, India
Technology JCO Process from Mannesmann Demag AG, Germany
Size Range 16-60 inch
Wall Thickness 6mm 65mm
Length 6 mtr 12.5 mtr
Grades Up to X-80 (including Sour Service & NACE application)
Capacity 1000 Kms/ year
Features :
Full body Plate Ultrasonic Testing machine from Kraut Krammer with 78 probes and 78 channels
Forming Press capacity of 1200 MT
3 Welding lines (3 wire tandem)
Real Time Radiography
Full Body Expander
Hydro test at 500 bars
Final Ultrasonic Testing of pipes through Kraut Krammer machine with 16 Probes,16 Channels (with two dedicated probes on weld seam)